Dedicated to Joyce

On the beautiful morning of August 30th, Joyce's family and LAGC members gathered at our perennial garden at Aronson Park to dedicate a plaque that will be displayed there in her memory.

Robin spoke, dedicating the plaque:

“Today we dedicate this garden plaque to honor the life and memory of Marjorie “Joyce” Vessel.  In the garden of life Joyce was a dedicated wife and mother.  She nurtured her plants and flowers as if they were children.  She loved life and all that it gave her.  She embraced all of it without hesitation.  Let this garden and it’s perennial habits be a sign of her life that lives on and continues to show her beauty in each new blossom. In the Garden Club we loved Joyce. We were honored to have her with us for 28 years. We look forward to honoring her memory not just today but with every new season.  Joyce’s favorite flower was the Becky Shasta daisy.  We will be adding that flower to the garden by the memorial plaque.“

Martha spoke, dedicating the planting:

"This planting brings much symbolism in remembering Joyce’s life well lived.

The roots go deep forming a solid foundation for the many cherished

Memories always with us.

Spring brings forth the greening leaves that will soon bring forth buds,

Each year giving birth to the symbolism of Joyce’s loyal commitment and ever

Present concern of others.

The summer brilliant white daisies laughing in the breeze forever reflecting 

Beauty of a joy filled life.

Come fall will turn golden hues of brilliance in the last breath of preparation 

For winter’s rest. 

Always Reminding us that they, too, will recycle into the ground.

Nourishing the legacy left behind.

This Paschal Mystery of the cycle of life is the gift God gives to each of us.

It is the hope of joy and comfort, knowing that after winter’s rest,

Each spring we also will look on to a life of new beginnings nourished 

By the memories we hold so dear.

The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote:

In the presence of death,we must continue to sing The Song of Life....

Though we grieve the deaths of our loved ones; 

We accept them and hold on to our memories as precious gifts.

And indeed,  memories are precious gifts that help us continue 

  ‘The song of life’.

God had abundantly blessed us with the gift of knowing and working with Joyce and enables us to pass that blessing on to others and sing the song of life.

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