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Grow Where You are Planted by Joanne

At our 30-Year Anniversary Celebration, Martha Erickson shared an inspirational message and asked members, "How has the garden club enabled you to explore interests, friendships and/or nurture something new for yourself or for others?"

Joanne shared the following... I have learned so much about caring for many different flowers and bees. I have loved the tours and the speakers.  I also love our garden sale and the camaraderie we share while working together on this significant project that helps beautify dozens of gardens in our area.

I moved to Lakeville almost 9 years ago from a zone 3.  We have many more flowers that survive our winters here and I am beginning to learn the names of many of them.  Last but not least, i have made friends with many of you who share my passion for gardening.  I LOVE LAGC!

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