Volunteering At Parks



The garden club and the City of Lakeville share in the development and maintenance of two garden areas:


General Duties


Both locations require watering, weeding and fertilizing. 


The raised Veteran’s Memorial Gardens located at Aronson Park are irrigated as well as the garden located around the pine tree at Pioneer Plaza.  Both parks have water spigots to aid in maintenance. 

The experience is very rewarding and there are many times opportunities to share with others your passion.  See Sue's experience below.

"I had a very fun experience tending the Aronson Park flowerbeds..."

Fun Experience!

by Sue W.

I had a very fun experience tending the Aronson Park flowerbeds on Friday this week! There were 100's of people there for a tournament but I figured I would do my tasks anyway.


Well, three boys (1st, 4th and 5th) approached me and started asking all kinds of questions about what I was doing. The 1st grader asked if he could help, and with a lesson on how to trim out spent hosta bloom stems under his belt, he joined me with this task.


Then the two older asked to help! Luckily, I had packed several pruners. Next came a lesson on when and how to trim out spent daylily flower stems and it was off to work for all 4 of us!


They asked flower questions the whole time, worked with me for 30 minutes, and then thanked me when they needed to go!

I smiled the whole way home!


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