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Volunteering At Aronson Park and the Lakeville Arts Center


As a service to and in appreciation of our community, the Lakeville Area Garden Club helps to provide and  plant the  annuals surrounding the Lakeville Veteran's Memorial at Aronson Park. In addition, the club maintains the perennial beds surrounding the Lakeville Arts Center from the spring through the fall.

Each year, our Lakeville Area Garden Cub, Eisele's Greenhouse and the City of Lakeville share in the cost of providing the annuals that are planted in the raised beds of the Lakeville Veterans Memorial at Aronson Park.

The week before Memorial Day,  Club Members gather to plant hundreds of red, white and blue flowers in preparation for the  Memorial Day ceremonies held at this park.  In addition, club members complete a spring clean-up, sprucing up the perennial beds surrounding the Veteran's Memorial.  

Throughout the summer,  members volunteer their time and energy each week for the development, planting, and maintenance of the Aronson Park and maintaining the Lakeville Arts Center garden areas. Through their dedication and hard work, members make and keep these flower beds  a beautiful setting  for  the community to enjoy! 

General Duties

This location requires watering, weeding and fertilizing on a weekly basis. As a showcase for our club, let's keep it looking spectacular!!

Volunteer slots are for one week beginning on the date volunteers sign up. Please attend to garden maintenance at least one time during your week. Bring a watering can, pruners, tools for weeding, and a paper bag for weeds, cuttings, etc.

The experience is very rewarding and there are many  opportunities to share with others your passion. 

"I had a very fun experience tending the Aronson Park flowerbeds..."

Fun Experience!

by Sue W.

I had a very fun experience tending the Aronson Park flowerbeds on Friday this week! There were 100's of people there for a tournament but I figured I would do my tasks anyway.


Well, three boys (1st, 4th and 5th) approached me and started asking all kinds of questions about what I was doing. The 1st grader asked if he could help, and with a lesson on how to trim out spent hosta bloom stems under his belt, he joined me with this task.


Then the two older asked to help! Luckily, I had packed several pruners. Next came a lesson on when and how to trim out spent daylily flower stems and it was off to work for all 4 of us!


They asked flower questions the whole time, worked with me for 30 minutes, and then thanked me when they needed to go!

I smiled the whole way home!

Sue's Experience

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