Privacy Policy

Contact Information Sharing Policy


When you register your new LAGC membership and you provide your name, you may also provide your email address and/or phone number. Your contact information is used for: 

*club-related communications 

*addition to a contact list to be shared with members periodically throughout the year, as updates occur 


If you ever wish to opt out of either club communications or the contact list, please send an email to or contact our club secretary. The secretary will send a confirmation that you have been removed. You will also be removed from the active lists if you choose to discontinue your membership in the club. 


The information will be stored in the cloud and on email tools (such as Google Drive, Google Email and WIX Contact Management), and will be transmitted via email over the internet. Members of our club that are assisting with various activities, events and club management will have access to this information. 

Once contact information is sent to others such as via email, it cannot be “taken back” from previous recipients. The club also cannot control the forwarding or use of the information. The intent of the shared member contact information is for club communications and for members to contact other members and is not intended to be forwarded outside our members, any solicitation or malicious purposes. 


As a member, you are acknowledging that you are voluntarily sharing contact information and receiving the Contact Information Sharing Policy and you understand its purpose, use and risks stated explicitly as well as implicitly or otherwise. 


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