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Sharing the Love at the Pan-O-Prog Parade

Family, fireworks, food...float, flowers and fun lovers.  Each year the Lakeville Area Garden Club participates in the Pan O Prog parade in downtown Lakeville.  Members don their most beautiful hats, grab the showiest flowers (from the Pan O Prog Flower Show, of course), and jump on board a glistening pickup truck.  It is so much fun and a great opportunity to connect with others from our community!!

The "crew" worked together organizing and participating in the parade...from donating the truck, picking up and dropping off participants at the start and finish, to bringing the Flower Show flowers to share, decorating, and finally sharing our passion for gardening with everyone! Here's our "float" all decorated!

"We had So. Much. Fun.!!!! The crowd was so responsive as we waved, danced and cheered from the back of the truck!"

This year, we had a band playing behind us, so we were able to dance, wave and get the crowd revved up! Lots of parade attendees wanted us to throw flowers. We couldn't per the parade rules, but we'll definitely need to consider handouts for next year.

Parade Participants
Front: Becky, Virginia, Back: Monica, Carol, and DeLaine

Cheers to another fabulous summer, fun parade and building forever-friendships!

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